Spoiler Alert

Stop Ruining Things

The internet is a wonderful but terrible place. Don’t make it any worse by ruining things for people. Seriously, let’s try to clean up the internet and make it a better place. 

This can be used in the classic sense which is talking about a movie/tv show/book but giving people a heads up that if they haven’t seen or read it yet they may not want to read on.

Let’s Ruin a Few Movies

Finding Nemo: They find him. 

Finding Dory: They find her. 

How to train your Dragon: They successful train their dragons.

The Secret to Happiness

Spoiler alert works on not only the paragraph block but also the image one. Click on the image below to reveal the secret to happiness.

But, There’s More

The only limit on how you use Spoiler Alert is your imagination. 

  • What if you are writing a gender reveal post and you want to add a little suspense by hiding the image that reveals the gender.
  • What if you are putting out some content that you think it a little mature and you want to make sure people are really sure that they are ready to read it.
  • What if you are making a quiz and you don’t want people accidentally reading the answers before they’ve made their guess.

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