A New Sidebar

The new WordPress editor not only gave us blocks but also a new sidebar.

I’m really excited not only of developing cool new blocks but also developing tools to help you get more out of WordPress. Tools that are located conveniently right on your post/page.

Keeping Notes Where They Belong

Whenever I’m creating content I have a note open on my computer where I put all my sources, to dos, etc. Basically it’s where I keep all the bits and pieces that end up being turned into content.

Lately I’ve been practically living at the office and whenever I wanted to work on a personal project I couldn’t as my notes were only on my laptop and not on my work computer. It was really starting to annoy me.

A Better Way

Once Yoast showed us what was possible with the sidebar, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. I wanted to create a sidebar plugin that allowed me to keep my notes where they belonged, right along side my content. I’m really excited how it turned out and I can’t wait to see how you use this in your workflow.

Version 1.0.1