Detective Wapuu

Have you ever visited a WordPress site and wondered, how did they do that?

That’s why we created Detective Wapuu. Detective Wapuu scans any WordPress site and lets you know exactly what blocks are being used and how. Once activated Detective Wapuu will place an overlay with the block name over all the blocks. If there is a block name you aren’t familiar with head on over the the plugin directory and discover something new.

How to use

It is quite simple. When you are on a WordPress site click the WordPress icon in your Chrome browser. If the icon is black then no blocks were detected. If it turns blue it means that blocks were detected and Detective Wapuu can tell you all about them.

Ignored blocks

Some of the blocks we ignore as they don’t really help if you know about them and they cluttered up the screen when Detective Wapuu is active.

  • Groups
  • Rows
  • Paragraphs
  • Headings