Art Director

Make WordPress Fun Again

Meet Art Director

I’ve made it my personal mission to make WordPress fun again. While I can’t force you to start having fun, I can provide you with the tools to make it easier. That’s where Art Director comes in. 

CSS Made Easy

Art Director allows you to quickly and easily add page specific CSS to your WordPress site. In the past you’d have to write crazy specific CSS and hope that the code you write doesn’t have unintended consequences elsewhere on the site.

Now you don’t have to worry. Just go nuts and add all the CSS you want without having to worry. The code you write will only be applied to the page you add it on. I’m using Art Director on this very page. 

Instant Uploads 

One of my favorite features of is the asset uploader.

Uploading assets that to reference in your CSS is usually a pain. Our uploader couldn’t be easier. Just drag your file over the code editor and it will be automatically uploaded and you’ll instantly be given the URL to the file that you can use in your CSS. 

Version 1.0.1