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Hello, we’re Sorta Brilliant

We're prompt engineers, a modern breed of computer enthusiasts. We conjure wild ideas and persuade our robotic masters to create them. In essence, we're digital artists who excel at communicating creatively with computers instead of drawing.

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Our story as prompt engineers

The web's become dull with minimalist themes and generic stock photos. Craving a unique, memorable site? You're in the right place!

You don't? I panicked, having quit my job for this. How would I explain to my family? But I misheard – you're here for that reason. Relief! I thought I was doomed.

Essentially, we're quirky creatives with fun ideas, hoping to exchange lively art for your site with some cash for pizza and Diet Pepsi.

How about it? United in this venture? Instead of a blood oath, let's pinky promise to provide awesome art not destined for a Jonathan Taylor Thomas fan site.